Life Story

Babyhood and Childhood

Our son, Onur Yaser Can, was born as a handsome and beloved son of a mother from Milas and a father from Samandağ who was graduated from the same department of the same university, fallen in love with each other and got married.

His mother was living and studying in Ankara since 1964, since her family had settled there, at the time when his mother started primary school. Onur Yaser’s father left his hometown Samandağ, when he was 14 years old, in order to study in the Konya Akşehir Teachers’ Training Boarding School. When he entered university, he settled in Ankara as well. Onur’s parents were classmates in the Department of Economics at Hacettepe University. They settled in Ankara after they had graduated. His father has been a public servant and his mother could not get into a job yet.

They began to raise Onur Yaser as a good citizen. In 1993 when is mother also become a public servant, he started to stay with babysitter when he was almost 7.5 months old and started to go to kindergarten when he was 1.5 years old. He spent his healthy and happy babyhood and early childhood period with his parents who love him much in Ankara until he turned 4 years old.

Onur Yaser and his mother moved to Baghdad in August 1986 following his father who started to work for a Turkish company in Baghdad/Iraq in April 1986 which provided better economic conditions. Onur Yaser pursued his education in Baghdad International School of United Nations. He learned speaking English through studying 2nd and 3rd years of pre-school period and 1st year of primary school period and became able to write and read in English in this school. His parents decided to have the second baby since they had better economic conditions and Onur Yaser’s sister was born on 25 October 1987. They lived happily despite the effects of Iran – Iraq war. He kept living as a happy, healthy and smiling boy. He didn’t even hold a grudge for his sister. However, the family moved to Turkey in 1989 and they kept living in Ankara because of the fact that the Turkish Companies faced setback due to the war.

School days

Onur Yaser studied 2nd class in Private Aykan College in 1989-1990 period while his father and mother was working for public and private sector. He studied in Ahmet Vefik Paşa Primary School between 1990 and 1993 and graduated from this school. He entered to Gazi Anatolian High School, his first preference, with a very high gradein 1993  and he studied secondary and high school periods in this school between 1993 and 2000. He completed his pre-school, primary school, secondary school and high school periods with great success and always got high honor certificates. He made a distinguished name as smart, diligent, gentleman and organized person by his teachers in both Baghdad and Ankara. Parents of Onur Yaser had been always congratulated, honored and praised by Onur Yaser’s teachers because of raising such a gentleman, humanist, diligent and a perfect person by all means.


Even though he achieved a great success, in the Nationwide University Student Selection Examination of 2000, being the 2100th person, he did not prefer any other profession but he decided to become and architect. The year when he enrolled in the Department of Architecture at the Middle East Technical University (METU), he achieved the AFS scholarship and entered Saint Lucas Fine Arts School in Brussels. He received education in arts and painting more specifically for one year in this school. He also learned Flemish in this school

His talent for painting came out occasionally in galleries in school and awards he won in competitions, has been discovered there as well. He was advised to be a painter. However, he decided to pursue architecture which was also suggested by his parents and his Belgian family, who hosted him in Brussels and who talks about Onur Yaser as “He” was a life present given to them by a year period.. During his education in METU, he also enrolled in the Faculty of Architecture at Bari Technical University as a part of ERASMUS Student Exchange Program where, he learned Italian language as well.

His interest to music since his childhood continued with architecture education. He played drums, frame drum, various percussion instruments, guitar and saz. Gathering an amateur band with his friends, he performed both within and outside of METU. They enjoyed and entertained, they tried to feed their spirits with music. His family’s care, his education, successes in schools, his connection with art helped him build honest, guileless relations with his family, relatives, neighbors, friends and everyone he met and become a good citizen, responsive for burdens within and out of his country. He kept swimming, his favorite sport that he had thought about being Professional swimmer, in swimming pool of METU and in other swimming pools.

Son, Brother, Friend

Our dear son was born on 3 June 1982 with joy, love and life. He had become joy of our home and brought the happiness of being parents of such a beautiful baby. He made us live together with an incomparable son during his short life. Our son had become so happy and cheerful when he said mom, when he said dad, when he said sister.

We’ve taken care of him and protected him from the tiniest threat during his babyhood, childhood, when he was a teenager and when he was a young man, so that he could become ,  proud, an honorable, brave man, having a dozen of strong and deep connections with life.

 And our son was like an ever blooming flower since his babyhood. He gave us thousands time more of what we have given him. He made a great effort until his 28 since his babyhood. We say “since his babyhood” because our son had to ge used to the hug of his babysitter, when he was 7.5 months old because his mother started to work. He started to preschool when he was 15 months old and showed a great good compliance there as well.

 He went to a different country, a different pre-school where English was used as training language when he was just four years old. He has lived shining and enlightening like the sun.

Our Onur Yaser lived as happy and without being dissatisfied in every situation and school. He carried out every period of his 28 years of life with a healthy spirit and body, without any psychological problems even in adolescence in which most of teenager have difficulties. Till he was arrested by police officers employed by İstanbul Branch Office against Narcotic Crimes on 2 June 2010!

He was very young, our ONUR YASER, in love with every minute of life, was conceiving living many beauties and love, making unique creations, when he was ready to raise well-behaved children like himself. ; He was taken out from life!

Our country, Turkey, lost one of its children, who could rarely be grown.

Our children must not sent to death like this, this much unmercifully! Mothers and fathers must not be suffered of leaving their priceless daughters and sons to rest! Sisters must not be forced to leave their brothers to rest and turn back to their parents’ house, as destitute, disconsolate, with loose ends…

We love youthful son so much. He will not get older and stay at 28 years old, making us proud with his approach and existence in life and give us honor.

Two very long years and 8 months have passed without ONUR, with his memory, within grief of losing a child and sibling. Pain and sorrow within our hearts for his absence is getting bigger and bigger since the day he was gone.


Mother                       Father

Hatice CAN     &         Mevlüt CAN