We Ask For Your Support To Our Struggle To Get The Murderers Of Our Dear ONUR YASER And HATİCE CANs To Stand Trial. We Ask For Your Support To See Their Torturers As Well As Those Who Protect These Torturers Receive The Punishment They Deserve So That The Justice Is Served. We Ask For Your Support To Keep On Hoping That These People Shall Bear The Consequences Of Their Crimes Throughout Their Whole Life.


Best Regards,


Ph: +90 (532) 549-4860

+90 (530) 920-5983


IMPORTANT NOTE: Please Find Attached A Longer Press Release Of No Less Than 12 Pages, Designated To Provide A Detailed Explanation On Course Of Events As Well As Recent Updates To Those Who Are Unfamiliar With Our Process Of Quest For Justice Against The Murders Of Our Dear ONUR YASER And HATICE CANs. Additional Enclosed Files Listed Below Include Certain Legal Documents And A Short Bigraphy Of Onur Yaser Can.


» Press Release

» A Short Biography Of ONUR YASER CAN

» The Criminal Complaint We Filed For The Second Process Of Trial Whose Verdict Was Non-Prosecution (Nolle Prosequi).

» Individual Application To The Constitutional Court Of Turkey To Appeal The Second Non-Prosecution (Nolle Prosequi) Verdict On The Case.

» Legal Requests We Made To The Istanbul Police Department For Access To Information.

» Legal Request To The Ministry Of Justice For Access To Information.

» Photos Of Police Officers Who Tortured ONUR YASER CAN

» A Handwritten Note By ONUR YASER CAN In Which He Reveals Some Information To His Friends About The Torture, Sexual Assault And Abuses That He Was Subjected To.