Itinerant Exhibiton

In remembrance of architect Onur Yaser Can, who passed away 03 July 2010, A 'respect and remembrance' program was arranged in the Chamber of Architects, Ankara, on 03 July 2012.

The program involved the speeches of his family, friends, colleagues, and teachers from university and also an exhibition of his works.

The first speaker was Ali Hakan, the president of the Chamber of the Architects of Ankara, who said 'they will support Yaser's family during their justice seeking period.' He also added that, with the help of exhibition, young architects were given a chance to be introduced to his sketches, drawings and sculptures.

After Ali Hakan, the father of Onur Yaser Can, Mevlüt Can, began to speak. He spoke of how Yaser completed many important things in his short life, and what would be possible if he were still alive.

Çağlayan Efendioğlu Öz, the ex-colleagues of Yaser, remarked that Yaser signed successful projects in his short professional life, and if he were alive, he would make that exhibition by himself.

Another architect who has worked with Yaser for a while, Sunay Erdem, stated that Yaser was also a brilliant person socially as much as he was professionally, as an architect. And Mr. Erdem included that he still gives Yaser's name as 'consultant' in his projects, which he sees as a way of connecting with him.

Yaser's professor at METU (Middle East Technical University) Ali Cengizkan said he met with Yaser when he was in the third grade and it was not hard to realize that he was a talented and successful person.

Then Yaser's friends began to speak and it was a chance to meet with that talented and nice person through their words. Also with the help of exhibition the people who did not know him before got opportunity to meet with him through his sketches and projects.

At the exhibition area, which contained Yaser's works as an architect and artist, the music band, of which Yaser was a drummer, sang the songs that he liked. After musical performance, people saw the projects that he made as a professional, the projects for competitions, sketches, drawings and the sculptures.

And finally the cinevision about his music band was viewed.